Working with Crawfish Wedding Catering in Houston, TX for Intimate Events

Intimate Events’ Catering Service

If you are about to tie the knot, working with a caterer is part of the job. If you have no idea where to start the process, relax and take time to read. Large weddings are usually requiring the assistance of Crawfish wedding catering in Houston, TX. Yes, you can a DIY type of catering but only if you have 25 people as wedding guests. However, more than 100 mouths to feed is such a huge responsibility for you.

When selecting a caterer, start with the question whether you want a full service or not. Some couples who are financially prepared may always go for a full service catering. It means that they no longer need to do extra effort; everything will be done and prepared by a professional caterer. If you go for semi-full service catering then you need to own parts of the catering. You can handle the desserts and leave the rest to the wedding caterer or you can also take part in the food preparation and pass the desserts, main courses and beverage preparation to the cater.

Before you decide whether to go full course meals, like at least three courses being served during reception dinner, make sure to check your wallet first. If you cannot handle the full course dinner then why not try other meals of the day like breakfast or lunch. These mealtime alternatives are cheaper as the food being served is light.

When you go for breakfast catering service then you are obviously required to come up with breakfast menus like pancake, Belgian waffles, doughnuts, bread and many more. You can also cook usual breakfast selections like ham and egg, hot dogs, bacon and many more. As for the beverages, you can serve coffee, fresh juice and even early morning glasses of wine.

Tying the knot does not mean that you should hold the catering reception at a hotel. To save cash, you can have it arranged in your garden or yard. For yard receptions, the best catering option is home cooked dishes or food trucks. Food trucks are becoming popular these days because they are come and go. After the guests have eaten, it will be off; there’s no need for you to wash the dishes and etc.

When assessing the Crawfish wedding catering in Houston, TX, it is important to start with the license and insurance. No food caterer of crawfish Houston restaurant is allowed to operate within the state of Texas if there is no license. You cannot run the risk of having trashy food during the reception so you need to attend food tasting sessions—select the food based on your preference.

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