What Makes Wedding Cheesecakes in Houston, TX Gourmet?

Some Things to Know About Cheesecakes

Cheesecake is rich, creamy dessert all on its own, when it’s been stepped up to gourmet standards, there is nothing that can compete with it. Wedding cheesecakes in Houston, TX are perfectly capable of making your wedding party standout. You can simplu include this amazing treat in your wedding reception area and everybody will surely be happy with it. This is a nice treat that you can give to your wedding guests as well. But what makes a cheesecake gourmet instead of ordinary?

Quality Ingredients

Gourmet foods, including cheesecakes, use nothing but the finest ingredients. Gourmet cheesecakes are made with fresh cream cheese and mascarpone, real vanilla bean and butter with nothing artificial about them. They are simply amazing inside and out which is perfect as your alternative for your wedding cake in your upcoming party.

wedding cheesecakesUnusual Flavors

Vanilla cheesecake with a fruit topping is a fairly traditional dessert. Best cheesecake Houston Gourmet step it up to the next level, with fruit baked inside, nuts, dark chocolate and unusual flavor combinations. Chocolate cookie crusts and flavors like key lime blackberry swirl and lemon raspberry make these cheesecakes something special.


If fruit isn’t your idea of a cheesecake topping, what about chocolate bark, amaretto syrup or chocolate cover almonds? Gourmet cheesecakes come flavored inside and out for a perfect look and taste. The toppings of these gourmet cheesecakes are incredibly delicious that you will definitely love. It is filled with amazing variety of taste that will fill in the empty appetites of your guests. Ask your wedding caterer for suggestions.


Looking for a heart shaped cheesecake to send to a loved one? What about wedding cheesecakes in Houston, TX mounted on sticks for a whimsical touch? Gourmet cheesecakes don’t just come in the shape of a pie anymore. You can actually have different and wonderful cheesecake style and shapes if you’d like it.

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