Wedding Venues at Hotel in Juneau, Alaska and other Hotels Nearby

Wedding Venues Situated at the Heart of Juneau, Alaska

hotelMore and more couples are deciding to tie the knot at a wedding venue at at Hotel in Juneau, Alaska for many reasons, official site. One major reason why they do this is that hotels provide one-stop shops for all your wedding needs.

So if you’ve decided to exchange vows in one of the hotels and you’ve wished to do it in Montreal, here are great hotels that can make your dreams come true.

Saint Sulpice

Located in the heart of the Old Montreal, Le Saint Sulpice offers a magnificent place for your wedding ceremony. Steps away from the popular Old Port and Notre-Dame Basilica, this place is a 4-star luxury hotel with a courtyard garden and plenty of inviting suites.

Hotel St. Paul

Ideally located at the gateway of Old Montreal, this place is an award-winning hotel with luxurious suites and boutiques. The best thing about this hotel is that it’s just steps away from the city’s central landmarks. If you want a place with the just the right mixture of luxury and history, this place is definitely the best.


If most of your guests are coming from other parts of the country or abroad and you wish to get married at a wedding venue at hotel in Montreal, Canada, the Intercontinental hotel is the best pick. Located twenty minutes away from the airport and sitting at the gateway of the Montreal’s downtown, this place is surely a memorable location to tie the knot.

L’Autre Restaurant

Serve your guests with the finest cuisines on your wedding day ay L’Autre Restaurant. This place offers a unique and memorable dining experience for special occasions like weddings. You can select from one of the over 300 carefully selected private imports wines. Also, this place offers a panoramic view of the Old Montreal from their stunning terrace. Their catering service is great.

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