Wedding Suit Buying-Guide for Grooms-to-Be

Shopping for Wedding Suits

wedding suitWedding is not just about wedding catering, venue, and photography. You also need to prepare the outfit. Brides-to-be typically spend months when shopping for their wedding dress. Grooms-to-be, on the other hand, only take weeks until they find the perfect piece of suit to wear for the wedding. It sounds like they are just buying a new tee shirt, but it must be taken seriously because it is your big day.

There are many tips and suggestions out there right now on how women can find the perfect wedding dress to wear. Men should also consider some tips from the expert when buying a wedding suit because it is highly different from buying other garments.

First, choose a wedding suit that is different from the suit you usually use for work. You know it is a wedding suit if it makes you look good and feel good when standing up. The work suit looks formal but a wedding suit has more styling and designs. There is also a different between the lapel and pocket details of the work suit and wedding suit. You can opt for a one-button suit or angled pocket suit with shawl collar. These makes the suit more personalized for weddings rather than for corporate attire.

Second, think twice if you want to buy a suit that you can wear again. There are men who prefer to spend their money on a suit they could just wear for the wedding day. Others choose a simple wedding suit that they can wear again in the future. You need to think about this before you buy a wedding suit because you might regret in the end. If you want to have your initials embroidered, there is a less chance you can wear the suit again. The same thing when the suit has colored buttons.

Third, you should not forget about the fabric of the suit. Are you going to have a morning, afternoon or evening wedding? Choose a suit fabric that is a bit heavy to hold its shape. There’s the barathea and wool mohair and these are perfect fabrics in creative sharp silhouettes.

Fourth, pick a wedding suit that goes well with your footwear. Whatever wedding theme you have as long as you are requested by your bride-to-be to wear a suit, go for a simple but elegant pair of shoes. The top color choices for the wedding footwear are brown and black. If you are wearing a traditional wedding suit, always choose black.

Finally, make an appointment for fitting and more. Just like the brides-to-be, you will be accommodated accordingly if you plan ahead and booked in advance for appointment. Through this, you are one step closer to pick the piece of suit to wear on your wedding.

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