Wedding Spa Salon – Types of Massage In Line With Your Personal Choice in San Francisco CA

Different Kinds of Massage in Wedding Spa Salon

Aside from wedding caterer and venue there are other things that you need to attend to before your wedding. Some massage are too soft for men and some are too painful for women so the degree of intensity of getting a massage can now be moderated depending on the type of massage you would like. There are mild therapeutic massage and there are also hard and heavy massage to remove tensions in the body. The massage types have specific benefits for the groom and bride. So when you go to wedding spa salons in San Francisco CA as a couple, you can try different massage styles that will make you even more relaxed.

For the groom, he could try out three types of massages, the Sports massage, Deep Tissue massage and the Swedish massage. These body massage types are delivered in a high intensity manner. It is mostly fit for men because it could be sometimes painful for women. The Sports massage are usually given for athletes for them to feel more relaxed and avoid sprains and injuries on the game. It flushes out toxins and increases a good blood flow. This is done in a rough manner in order for the body to adjust to its state. Deep Tissue massage hits the tension muscles of the body. This type of massage is made for heavy duty workers most especially men. The Swedish massage also makes you feel relaxed and makes a good blood flow. It entails a series of strokes and kneading movements.

For the bride, the best types to choose are the Aromatherapy, Stone Therapy and Relaxation Hair Massage. All of these types does not entail a lot of hitting of pressure points and tissues in a painful way. This is a very relaxing process for the women which takes them to the state of meditation. The Aromatherapy uses scents and mild strokes to make the client have the right breathing rhythm and fall into a good nap. Stone therapy uses stones to relax the nerves of the body resulting to release of toxins and improving the mood. The relaxation massage vary in types but their purpose is to bring ultimate relaxation especially for women.

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