Wedding Cookies for Your Wedding Cocktail Table in Houston TX

Wedding Cookies for the Cocktail Table

Many bakeries feature wedding cookies in Houston TX which appears to be perfect for your creative wedding cocktail table. Some weddings are scheduled at 2:00 sharp in the afternoon to have enough celebration time in the evening. When it becomes too early for the dinner time, a cocktail table is prepared together with the dessert table for the guests to have some snacks before the grand reception. The table is filled with candies, a couple of fresh fruits, peanuts and other finger foods carefully designed to look interesting and inviting for the guests. There are also cocktail drinks prepared and flavored juices for the kids.

Wedding cookies in Houston TX are also servedWedding Cookies to decorate the table and to keep the kids busy. Some of these wedding cookies are even shaped into different figures if the couple would want to give them as a remembrance for their guests. The best cookies in Houston are shaped like the figure of the couple, sprinkled or covered with icing to make it sweeter and pleasing to the eyes. Creative letters are shaped in the cookies or the cookies are made to be the letters themselves.

There are many flavors to choose from including chocolate chip, vanilla and peanut butter cookies. Some couples like to order these cookies in an assorted manner to find different and interesting reactions from the guests. In other weddings, they include these cookies as part of the dessert. Sometimes they make it as toppings to the cake but most of the time they serve it with sprinkles. You can also ask your wedding caterer for help.

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