Top Four Bakeries That Provide Delicious Wedding King Cakes in Houston, TX

Bakeries Where You Can Get Your Wedding King Cakes

wedding king cakesGetting married during the festival of Epiphany? If that is so, then you will need to have wedding king cakes added to your list. If you are looking for the best wedding king cakes in Houston, TX, here are the best bakeries that you can go to.

  1. Acadian Bakery – A popular gourmet Mantrose bakery in Houston, Texas, Acadian Bakery has been providing delicious pastry for 35 years and that includes wedding king cakes. This one has also been recognised by different food editors even internationally. Their king cakes recipe came from Sandi Bubbert’s grandmother who came from St. Martinville. This old and authentic recipe is consists of layered butter beneath the French buttercream icing to have a well-softened pastry.
  2. Three Brothers Bakery – If you are looking for bakery that can provide you wide variety of wedding king cakes in Houston, TX, Three Brothers Bakery is your best bet. Oval king cakes, petit fours, mardi gras cupcakes, and sheet cakes with a king-cake theme and more are available. What’s more impressive is that its king cake are not only close to having its Louisiana taste but are also non dairy and are sanding sugar-coated.
  3. The Boil House – The Boil House Bakery is a popular destination for people who are craving for Louisiana king cakes. This is enough proof why you should consider The Boil House to be your king cake provider on your wedding. This bakery’s king cakes are dripped with icing and cinnamon and are known as the “king of king cakes” which are actually from Gambino’s bakery.
  4.  Rao’s Bakery – Rao’s Bakery branches are actually found in Beaumont, Houstonia, and Spring. There is no need for you to worry as they have their deliciously made king cakes delivered in Houston in packages. What makes the price worth it is that you will have many flavors to choose from. Blueberry, raspberry, praline, voodoo, and apple flavored king cakes are available.

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