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Taking Wedding Headshots

If you are set with your wedding caterer and venue then it’s about time to think of the photogrpaher. When taking wedding headshots in Houston, TX there are few things that you need to take into consideration in order to acquire/provide efficient service. This article will guide you to have suitbale headshot photography.

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Have fun. A lot of times when we are first getting started my clients are a little uptight and nervous. Which is totally normal. As a photographer, it is my job to make them feel comfortable. I love to tell jokes and openly compliment them. Every single one of my clients are beautiful and they need to be told that. After a few minutes they are already feeling better and maybe, just maybe even enjoying it! If they are too posed, it does not look genuine. I want my subjects to be as genuine as possible in these images. This happens when my clients are having fun! For the client, do have fun. Remember you seriously can’t mess up. Trust your photographer and try to relax! Before your wedding headshots Houston TX, practice in the mirror. As vain as that sounds, it works!

Be YOU. Your head shots should represent you or your brand if you are a business owner. Your styling must be consistent with, and reflect, who you are and what you do. It is best to keep it natural look (your everyday look) with something a little extra. Wearing extra makeup for wedding headshots Houston TX is good – after all it shows up better in the camera. However, try to keep it simple and YOU! In headshots you want people to see how you normally look. You don’t want to do glamour shots from the ’90s ;)! It is important you work with your photographer to ensure they capture your stlye. Communicate to them what your goal is for the finished product.

Be Styled. Accessories are a wonderful asset to your portraits. Throwing on a statement necklace or some cute earrings will add the extra spunk to your portraits while still keeping it simple. Try to stay away from clothing that is busy.  Sticking with solid colors or simplicity will help your wedding headshots Houston TX be usable for a longer period of time.

Above all, remember that you are beautiful and trust your photographer when they give you direction even it feels a little strange!

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