Tips for Making Your Playlist on Your Wedding wedding music in your banquet hall in Houston, TX

Tips on choosing your music in your wedding Reception

After you have chosen your DJ, which you can find a lot of great ones in Houston, it is time for you to make your desired list of songs to play on your wedding reception.  Most of these celebrations last for about four hours, so calculating that with the average length of most songs, it will have about 60 songs.  Picking the right songs can be a tricky task to do, but here are some tips that may help you for your wedding music in your banquet hall in Houston, TX while having a dinner.

Choose a variety of music styles or genres. Your guests are diverse collections of people so it would be wise to pick songs that will satisfy everyone in your guests. Choose songs that can relate to whatever music tastes of your guests. Pick old songs for the first part of your celebration. This will attract your older guests and would likely want to stay around.

During dinner or eating time, choose some slow or easy listening tracks to play on your wedding music in your banquet hall in Houston, TX.  Non-danceable, acoustic or indie songs will do great during dinner time.  This type of music will surely add appetite to your guests and will find their dinner enjoyable. While fast-paced or dance music will make them want to hurry on eating their dinner.

Before everyone is done for the dinner, slowly change the type of music until when everyone is finished, you can start playing dance songs. Pick song that most of your guests will recognize.  Most of the people that will go the dance floor are sure the young adults, so you can choose mainstream music so that they enjoy the party. Don’t be afraid or hesitant to talk to your hired DJ. They will gladly help you and answer your questions regarding your wedding playlist for your reception.

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