Tips for Great Beach Sunset Wedding Portraits Photography in Chicago

Wedding photography during sunset at the beach

wedding photographerBeach wedding photography is a romantic style for photography especially if you are planning to shot the pictures during sunset.  Though sunset gives you artistic photographs but we can’t deny the fact that repetitive shot style makes any wedding photo boring. In order to achieve best wedding photography in sunset Chicago, IL you need to be creative and use the diverse resources that you have.

It is crucial to plan the photo shot. You need to be early at the location with the couple. Sunset hour may take effect earlier that you think. However, there are some websites that offer information of the time of sunset. This will allow you to gather information that you need for your wedding photography in sunset Chicago, IL. It is also important to start taking photos during the golden hour, this is the time when the sky is at its warm hue and casts vibrant colors. You can also consider the soft light that is being displayed in the sky after 15 minutes immediately after the golden hour, click to find out more.

Of all the things that you should not forget is setting up the right exposure of your camera. This will allow the subject to be visible even if you will not use camera flash. Set the mode manually, this will give you the proper exposure rather than setting it to the automatic mode which is not advisable because it will give you a tragic finish product. If unsure you can use off-camera flash. This will illuminate the subject. While you are enjoying photographing the subject you may want to consider the silhouette style as suggested.

Using off-camera flash will make the photograph more natural. Using a wireless trigger is ideal to make the task easier and efficient. You need to light up the off-camera flash 10-15 feet away from the main subject and 4-5 feet from the camera. This will give the subject a flattering effect. Before doing the actually photography you may do some practice day before. You can visit the location and test you camera with different exposure mode. You can also ask your caterers about your wedding theme so that they make an adjustment on their designs.

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