Things That You Should Know When Buying Loose Diamonds in San Diego, CA for Wedding Rings

Handy Tips to Buying Loose Diamonds

One good way to save on wedding rings is to separately buy the diamond from the ring band. However, buying loose diamonds for wedding in San Diego, CA is quite tricky as you still can’t see the ring as a whole. Here are some things that you should know when buying loose diamonds for you and your partner’s wedding ring.


  1. Stick to a specific carat weight as this will determine the price of the diamond
  2. Do your research thoroughly as the carat weight can also affect how comfortable the right would be. You don’t want to wear something very have and inconvenient to your ring finger.
  3. Most of the time, the larger the diamond is, the better. However, it is not always like that in all cases as many now prefer a discreet but high-quality diamond.
  4. Consider the size of the fingers. For thinner and smaller hands, smaller diamonds are a better choice for an elegant wedding ring.


  1. Consider this as a pure matter of aesthetics. There is no restriction in choosing an ideal diamond shape.
  2. However, the safest option is the Round Brilliant. It may sound very universal because it is a very common diamond shape, but it looks classy and elegant no matter how simple it is.
  3. Keep in mind that Round Brilliant is also more expensive than Fancy shapes.


  1. It is important that you choose the right cut as it is a big factor on maximising the brilliance and sparkle of your loose diamonds.
  2. Don’t forget to hire an experienced and professional gem cutter.
  3. Don’t go for poor cut grade, no matter how cheap it is, as this will just enclose the sparkle of your diamonds. A Good to Excellent cut grade is highly-recommended.


  1. It is not advisable to spend money for a perfect clarity grade and have a poor color grade.
  2. Save money by buying a diamond stone with imbalanced perimeters since it has a lower market. Imbalanced perimeters means perfect clarity but only less perfect on color.
  3. If you decide to sell the loose diamonds for wedding in San Diego, CA in the future, don’t buy those with non-corresponding clarity and color grades so that it maintains its market liquidity. Check other diamond stores in San Diego.

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