The Obligation of Bridesmaid Before and During the Wedding Day

Modern Bridesmaid’s Guide

weddingWedding is not complete without bridesmaid. But being the bridesmaid you too have obligation to be fulfilled. When a friend of yours asked you to be their bridesmaid you should feel honor because the bride want you to be there in her behalf. It is important that you are willing to assist whatever she may need in the process of wedding planning. You will do some errands too. Though you are not requires such thing but as the bridesmaid you need to be aware that you are the bride’s right hand.

Be Available

Being available is one of the top obligations of bridesmaids. The bride can’t do all task because of her own limitation. This is why bridesmaids are there to do some errand and giving second opinion. Wedding planning is the hardest task that a bride could have it is important that you as the bridesmaid, you should make yourself available. It is understandable that you can’t accommodate every request of the brides but still, you need to try your best to be available when she needed you the most. Keep in mind that the bride need to choose her wedding catering service, venue, photographer and a lot more, which means that she can’t do all the task.

Be Useful

Since you are the right hand of the bride it is recommended to make yourself useful. You need to assist here from wedding dress shopping to scouting a venue, tasting food and a lot more. You will be her personal assistant, conscious, best friend, shopping buddy, shoulder to cry on, and a lot more. Being useful doesn’t mean that you will do all requests. You just need to help the bride to make the wedding planning easier. It is also advisable to offer your help rather than waiting for the bride request.

Be Honest

No matter what it takes you need to be honest. Your opinion should be straight to the point and honest. This will make the wedding more realistic and easier to handle. Brides tend to blind during the entire wedding planning process, they forget that they need to be real. As the bridesmaid it is your obligation to tell her what is achievable and what’s not. However, it is recommended to choose the right words. You don’t need to be sarcastic and harsh in showing your point. It will just add stress to the bride. If you think that a particular detail is not good, you need to say it but be kind.

Be Wise and Inspirational

Bridesmaids tend to be overwhelmed and carried away due to excitement. You should try to tame yourself because it won’t help. Open all the possibilities. Help to research ideas online. Be reasonable and give her the best things that you know.

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