Popular Choices of Flowers from Florists for Detroit Summer Wedding

Summer Wedding Flower

wedding florists3Summer is the perfect time to get married.

Summer is perfect to get married. Not to mention the beautiful colors around us. It is common that during summer many flowers bloom which means that during this season most of the flowers are reachable by any budget. It is not surprising that summer is still popular season for wedding. Once can have fully decorated venue and catering centerpiece with beautiful flowers during summer.

There are various flowers that you can choose from when you hire wedding florists in Detroit, MI. They will be the one to provide you not only flowers but information about what flowers should be use according to your theme and budget. They will also arrange the flowers in your venue without encountering any issue.

Below are some flowers that are very popular during summer:


This flower is a contentious choice during summer and referred to as the treasure flower. Unlike any other flowers that a wedding florist in Detroit, MI provides this type is very sensitive to time. They tend to close during night time. So if you are planning to incorporate this in your wedding it is important to have the celebration during day time. Generally these flowers are available in a vast array of dynamic colors, including multi-hued colors which amplifies the effect of the gazanias. This is ideal if you want to make your venue colorful and fresh.


This flower is very common but not in a wedding. many wedding florists in Detroit, MI always suggest this flower because of its huge petals. Therefore you don’t need to buy hundred of dozens to fill the entire wedding venue. This flower will provide you an immediate statement. The color of this flower is perfect to incorporate a sunny day wedding. Although sunflowers are very popular for its color, surprisingly there are other variants like red, brown, orange, bronze and even mahogany. So if you are not fan of yellow then you have other choices. Sunflowers can easily work with other flowers. This flower will mesmerize your guests and possibly your wedding will be talk of the town.

Gerbera Daisies

Another perfect flower for summer wedding, these flowers is a very popular choice.  No one can resist this flower because of its natural charm. Most brides would have difficulty in ignoring these wedding flowers and are top choice during summer wedding. It was said that this flower is one of the fifth most used cut flower in the world. It is known like roses and carnations. Another reason that this flower is popular is that, many flower shops can sustain the needs of this flower, which means that you can get this type of flower as much as you want.

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