Matching Wedding Themes and Styles of Bouquet Flowers in Dallas TX

Styles and Themes of Flower Bouquets

wedding bouquetRoses, calla lily, tulips, peonies, orchids and hydrangea are the most common bouquet flowers in weddings done in Dallas, TX. These flowers are arranged into different bouquet styles outlining the bride’s magnificence.

Wedding bouquet flowers styles in Dallas, TX are matched with the common themes. These themes are classic, romantic, rustic, modern, glamorous, beach and bohemian. Dallas TX have abundant supply of flowers for wedding bouquet flower styles.

In classic themed weddings, wedding bouquets should be roses, tulips and peony. The tint of these flowers should exclusively have a dominant neutral color which is white. White shouts out the classic theme by its simplicity and elegance. The romantic theme, on the other hand, resides also on roses and tulips but since it pictures romance, rose is the perfect flower used. In the rustic theme, orchids and hydrangeas are used with shrubs.

The colors florist experiment with are orange, red, blue and yellow but it is dominantly green giving an outdoor pitch. The modern wedding has similar colors used with the rustic theme but the modern theme is more adventurous because it involves many colors mixed and matched together. The glamorous themed bouquet veers away from simplicity. It should look extravagant. There should be rich colors involved like outlines of silver and gold but dominantly pink. Its size should be tremendous to impress. The beach bouquet should be lively and colorful which is quite similar with the rustic themed wedding. The beach themed bouquet should have longer shrubs used to give color blending with the white sand. Bohemian wedding bouquets play with long stemmed flowers and bright colored ones such as orange, blue, yellow and red.

These combinations may be modified depending on the florist but the basic principles such as the color and flowers should blend together in making great styles of flower bouquets for weddings in Dallas, TX, you can also ask your catering services if they offer a flower package for your wedding centerpiece.

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