Inspiring Celebrity Wedding Dress Designers in NY

Celebrity Dress Designer’s Who Inspire

It is a mystery how these celebrity wedding dress designers climb their way to the peak of their career. Each has their own amazing story of reaching their dreams that could  be put into a book. Some has the most common childhood dream of creatively designing dresses and they encounter challenges along the way, and some just popped up into the blue with great skills and designing talent, click for more info.

They all bring inspiring stories that would surely melt the heart of many:

Vera Wang is now one of the top designers in the history of fashion. Now, she is a famous celebrity wedding designer who has created several dresses for famous celebrities like Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian and many more. This wonderful designer is actually a former figure skater who has climbed her way to the fashion world by being an editor in Vogue magazine. Who would have thought that a figure skater would actually become a fashion designer.

Manuel Mota, a gentleman from Spain has flocked the fashion world with his amazing designs. He passed away last January 8, 2013 but his designs are well admired. His story has inspired many designers around the world that a local boy from Barcelona would actually become a master of wedding dress designers of celebrities.

Ines di Santo, also a world renowned celebrity wedding dress designer came from Italy and surprised the Hollywood crowd with her classic designs. This lady is very dedicated inspiring everyone. Even though she is based in Italy, she personally sees her wedding gown designs to ensure its quality.

Lastly, Carolina Herrera has impressed many by her great wedding dress designs for several celebrities. Her interests were honed by her grandmother who has been an inspiration for her. Her grandmother was fond of designer clothes and fashion shows and she would bring her little Carolina to her strolls in the fashion world.

These designers are really admirable in how they worked their way to the top. It is undeniable that they have achieved all of this through consistent dedication and passion. Same thing when you choose for your caterer you need to pick up the topnotch catering services.

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