Important Questions to Ask Before Signing a Contract for Wedding Limo Service in Houston TX

Relevant Questions to Ask Limo Provider

Your wedding deserves to be at its best. From the wedding cake, dress, flowers, venue, wedding caterer, everything must be going according to your desire. Still, that everything can turn into a disaster if you have a poor wedding transportation. That is why wedding limo service in Houston TX is provided to make sure  that you will have all the convenience, comfort , and style that you need on a very momentous event of your life, check here

When you get the chance to find a wedding limo service provider that you think worthy of your attention, there are still questions that must be raised before signing the contract.

How old are the limousines that you can provide? It is given that the model and year can affect the rate of a wedding car service in Houston TX or you may read about it for more advantages of booking early. But the older it is, the more maintenance it will need. Be sure to check the available limousines. Even if these are old, as long as it is clean, comfortable, well air-conditioned and still in great running condition, what more with their new models?

How do your chauffeurs dress during their service? Aside from being a good driver, a chauffeur must be able to carry himself to any event. Special event or not, it would be impressive if he is dressed appropriately. Since it is a wedding, the chauffeur assigned to you must be in formal attire as well.

Is the driver’s gratuity included in the cost of the limo service? This is important as for you not to pay more that you have to. Some companies include it in the cost. But if you think your chauffeur deserves it through his satisfactory service, giving a tip will not hurt.

Is it less expensive to get a package deal? Some companies provide more affordable Houston limo services through their package deals. Make sure that it is more practical than hiring more than one fleet just to cover your whole wedding party. Also ask for the extras or amenities provided during the service.

What will happen if the contract is canceled? Every detail must be put into the contract from the type of limo service, number of hours, and the refund policy. Check out one of the leading limo companies in Houston here.

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