How to Capture Wedding Baby Photography in Houston, TX?

Tips on Getting the Best Baby Photos

PhotographerBabies, babies everywhere! It seems like many mothers want to make sure that their babies will have the photo opportunity of a lifetime. They want to keep the memories as the baby grow up to be a mature person. That is why many mothers are getting wedding baby photography experts in Houston, TX to capture the moments of their beloved babies. However, babies are not the easiest of photographic subjects. As a photographer, if you want to make sure that you are clicking on the right timing, here are some tips to nail your next newborn session with flying colors:

Plan ahead of time

Talk to Mom and Dad about the baby’s schedule. They may or may not have one, but one way or another, 9 times out of 10 Baby’s parents will be able to tell you which time of day their baby tends to be at their best, most calm state. If you’re shooting the baby at home, be sure to get specifics as far as where Mom and Dad would like to shoot. If you don’t have studio lighting you’ll want to make sure you know which way the windows in the chosen room are facing at the time of day you’re shooting to be sure you’ll have adequate light.

Come prepared

Make sure that you have everything you need very well organized and easily accessible. Babies are fidgety, fussy and very impatient, and you’ve got to take the initiative to plan accordingly. If you’re using studio lighting, you should be set up at least 10 min before you’re scheduled to start shooting. That will give you time to run a few test shots before the baby is brought into the room. This next one is a given, but remember that sensors and lenses should be checked before the shoot and cleaned if necessary. You can’t afford to stop in the middle of a newborn shoot because you notice a spot on your sensor. Babies are not as forgiving as their adult counterparts. They’re like ticking time bombs, and I guarantee all you moms and dads out there are nodding in agreement!

Get the details

Don’t be afraid to get in close and focus on the details.  They are only tiny for a very short time. You can focus in and capture little feet and toes for example; before they slip away into roller skates and ballet slippers . . . it happens sooner than you know! Shallow depth of field creates a mood of tenderness and intimacy which are so very appropriate for a shoot of this nature. The main reason to shoot the majority of o infant sessions with such shallow depth of field is that shots like this help depict how suddenly your whole world is about that little person. Though everything else around you may be out of focus, the one thing that matters is perfectly clear when it comes to wedding baby photography in Houston, TX. Visit for more information.

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