Houston, TX Wedding Videography Habits That Must Be Practiced

Five Habits of a Professional Wedding Videographer

Wedding is not just about venue and catering service it is also about videos. Every wedding videographer works hard to create the best and highest quality videos that they can. However, wedding videography is not something that can be mastered overnight and be perfected by doing it only once. In fact, to be an excellent wedding videographer there are a lot of habits that one must practice in order to be all prepared for the job. If you are one of them, better prep yourself with the following:


Using the right gear

For a start, it is vital that a wedding videographer uses the right gear. All the appropriate videography equipment becomes a necessity. Unfortunately, due to the never ending innovation of technology some video gears becomes obsolete faster that you could think of. In the end, what you need is the gear that is right for you and your style and not the highest-end that is available in the market.

Having a backup audio

This is something that must never be forgotten since audio is just one of the most vital parts of the video among the motion. This is actually why many choose to get wedding videography in Houston, TX because they wedding couples want more than still photos. Invest on audio recorders as a backup plan. It is sometimes unavoidable to pick up some voices in a better quality than the others.

Understanding of LUX ratings

LUX is part of videography basics. Although you may already be aware of what LUX is, it should be always be given importance. LUX is simply the measurement of a camera’s sensitivity. You get to distinguish one video camera from the other through its LUX ratings. When it comes to wedding videography in Houston, TX which commonly takes place in low light settings such as churches and reception halls, it is best to use a video camera with low LUX rating.

Attending the wedding rehearsals

Every wedding is different and that is why you have to familiarize yourself on every wedding project that you must cover. Start it by attending the wedding rehearsal so that you will know which moments are the best to record. This will also let you be prepared on avoiding videography issues that concern lighting, audio, and the chances of blocked view.

Know which action to follow

As a wedding videographer, your job is to follow the action and the flow of event. Why should you do this? You have to anticipate that the most unexpected emotions and atmosphere could happen at the most unexpected time. This is something that you can’t afford to miss.

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