Entertainment Ideas in Lieu of Wedding DJs in Long Island, NY

Entertainment Alternatives

DJsAside from caterers and photographers, one of the most important person in a party is the DJ. Entertainment is very important when it comes to different social events like weddings. A wedding DJ in Long Island, NY is one of the top prospects in the list. Aside from the fact that weddings can never go as romantic and as lively without music, a good disc jockey can make the event successful. If you’re not unto wedding DJs and wanted to save your money from hiring a DJ, then you can DIY (do-it-yourself) your sound system. If you’re bored form the usual spinner, you can try some of these unique entertainment option for your wedding.

Singing waiters.

Treat your guests with this unique idea. A two-in-one entertainment. While the waiter serve the foods, they will serve the guests with songs and harmony too. Be entertained by the food as well as the romantic melody of the singing waiters. This is perfect for after-meal session or even during the eating session when singing waiters can set the right mood for the guests.

Silent headphone disco.

Is the venue set just around the neighborhood? Does loud banging sounds piss the old neighbors around? Don’t you worry because silent disco is for you. Entertain your guests with songs played on an Ipod, plugged with an earphone. They can groove and jive in the dance floor, feeling all the beat of the music without the guilt of disturbing others. It’s fun and unique too.


Bored of the usual wedding DJ in Long Island, NY? Try hiring someone else. No one can be more entertaining than making your guests laugh by hiring a comedian. Playing a live comedy act can be rare in a very romantic event like weddings, but a good laugh can never go out of place. They’ll surely laugh and go with the act.

Mad Greeting Hosts.

Instead of the usual hosts wearing formal attires or dresses suited with the wedding motif, why not hire a host in an unusual costume. Better yet, hire a cosplayer to greet the guests as well as the bride and the groom. This will surely trend on social media networks.

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