Find Out The Cost of Great Limo Service in Miami FL

Limo Service Cost You Must Know

limo serviceWhether your event is business related or not, there are some rates that a certain great limo service in Miami FL will be charging. As a customer, you must be aware of these kinds of rates so that you could be able to budget your money. Availing this kind of service could be a little costly on your end especially if you are getting a luxurious type of car.

Here is a rundown of the rate information that you might encounter while you are dealing with your provider:

Fuel Charge
Most companies are charging this type of fee especially if the drop off location is beyond the assigned area. Usually, most providers are charging 10% surcharge for the fuel. Do not go beyond this rate because it is expensive.

As a sign of thank you, you can always give gratuity fee. Some companies are requiring while others are not. But if you happen to like your chauffeur due to his politeness and friendliness, never hesitate to give at least 10% gratuity fee.

Toll and parking
If you are dealing with a provider, make sure that you no longer need to pay for the parking and toll fee. It should be under the shoulder of the company and not yours.

If you are arranging stops from one place to the other before you reach your final drop off, the company might charge you an extra stop fee. Usually, it costs $20 so you might prepare for that if you are planning for some stops.

Early morning and late pickups
These pickup rates are additional fees because your trip is a deviation to the company’s standard time of pickup and drop off. Usually, most company charges $10 for this. Go to this site to know more about the providers and their rates.

Every great limo service in Miami FL may have its own rate depending on the pick up and drop off locations that you picked. But these rates posted above will be your basis to help you talk it out with your selected limo service provider. You can also ask their extra service of food and drinks for long travel.

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