Amazing Apps to Have for Your Wedding to Rock

What Apps You Can Have Use for Your Big Day?

Wedding is very special and you want to share it to the world. You want to inspire people especially in choosing venue and catering service. It is understandable that you have spent a bomb on the much-talked about wedding photographer. It is also reasonable that once he hands over the pictures to you, they are going to find their way to all social networking sites where you can make your friends jealous. But hey! Here’s an idea. How about celebrating the other ‘candid’ style of photography – the camera photos? Guests at your wedding are going to be clicking away with the latest smartphones in the market. Yes, almost everybody sports a smartphone these days. And many choose a particular smartphone simply because of the enviable camera features in it.

All About WeddingGuests at a wedding often click some amazing and unique shots which the photographer might overlook. There is no way to know what catches someone’s fancy and what pictures they end up clicking. Instead of simply wondering about it, here is a fun way to flaunt it right on the spot. There are some pretty fascinating mobile apps which let you network with the guests present at your wedding. They can click pictures and immediately share it with the rest of the guests. It can also be hooked on to a giant screen and those pictures can be seen – live at the wedding venue—like a rock concert. is the event-friendly version of Instagram.

Guests can click pictures and use the wedding hashtag created by the couple to post pictures on to a live feed which can be shown on a screen through a projector. Instead of hashtags, geotagging of photos can also be done.


Can’t wait for your wedding pictures to come, then get this app which will satiate your appetite for your big day’s photos. This app, for iPhone and Android smartphones, is available to couples for $79 (free for guests) and allows everyone present at the wedding to upload to a common photo album.

Wedding Party

This free app for iPhone and Android phones organizes the photos taken by guests in a chronological format, depending on when the photo was taken. It makes a timeline by reading the time element of the photo. Photos can also be simultaneously posted to

Married app

Let’s the guests share live photos on a projector, sign the guest book, send song requests to the DJ and much more. It is available on Google Play for android phones and also to iPhone users as well. This is a great app to have in your wedding day.

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